Penelope Cruz Stuns In Sheer Leopard Dress

Penelope Cruz, at 48 years old, is a Spanish superstar that has been in some of the world's most acclaimed films on both sides of the Atlantic. The now iconic actress has been a fixture in Hollywood since the early 2000s, first gaining attention starring alongside Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. That thriller, which also starred Cameron Diaz, significantly elevated her status in the industry, and she went on to many other roles that showcased her talents as a versatile performer.

These days, Penelope works as a brand ambassador and unofficial muse to a number of fashion labels and is considered a fashionista in her own right. When Penelope hits the red carpet, her fans can expect to be amazed at how glammed out she is, and of course, poised. With more than 6.2 million followers on her Instagram account, it is there that her biggest fans can keep track of her life in front of and behind the cameras. Although she is a relatively private person for a celebrity, some of her captions are stunning and personal.

Penelope Cruz

Hola, Penelope!

She is known for making a look her own, but in one recent post on her Instagram account, Penelope delves outside her normal gowns and pantsuits to create a look that is very futuristic chic! The sheer black top and matching dress and leggings are simply to die for and Penelope has the looks and presence to pull it off effortlessly. With her hair in a sleek ponytail and a turtleneck she is playfully pulling up with a sly smile, Cruz's glam squad did her justice and her fans absolutely adore the final result.

Penelope And Pedro Team Up!

Long before she began working with him she was a fan, so once she was actually cast in one of his films, it was kismet! Penelope and Pedro Almodovar are both considered cinematic royalty in Hollywood, and he has directed her in some of her best work, including Volver, Everybody Knows, and I’m So Excited! Who said you shouldn’t work with your heroes?

Penelope Has Three Oscar Nominations

To her credit, Penelope has been nominated for three Academy Awards, – twice for Best Supporting Actress, and once for Best Actress. She won for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The other films she received nominations for were Volver and Nine.

Penelope And Her Husband Share Oscar History

Cruz is the second Spanish person to win an Oscar. Who was the first? None other than her husband, Javier Bardem, for the film No Country for Old Men.

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