Penelope Cruz Stuns In Pink Floor-Length Dress

Penelope looks every inch the movie star in a pink embellished dress

Penelope Cruz Knows How To Make A Style Statement!

Penelope Cruz looked chic in her soft pink dress with embroidered detail at a recent Santa Barbara, California event. The actress looked fresh and younger than her 48 years in this outfit, with her hair and makeup being light and natural for the most part.

The Spanish actress is known worldwide as a style icon; over the years, she has truly ramped up her status as a fashionista.

She is a brand ambassador and muse for several luxury brands in her native Spain and the United States. She posted a glimpse of herself at the stand on her Instagram with well over 6 million followers who were stunned at how poised she looked. The Oscar winner truly captivates anywhere she goes!

Penelope Has Heart And Lots Of It!

Penelope has volunteered all over the world, including Nepal, Uganda, and India, just to name a few. She helps poverty-stricken and ill people around the globe and has taken it upon herself to place a spotlight on those most in need of the most basic needs from food to healthcare.

She even spent time working with Mother Teresa, including assisting in a leprosy clinic, leading her to found an organization supporting homeless girls in India called the Sabera Foundation. The foundation also helps people suffering from tuberculosis. 

Penelope Has Range As A Performer

Penelope is no slouch in the performance department and has starred in films and shows of many genres, from comedy to thrillers, and excels in all of them. She is the second Spanish actor to win an Oscar, with the first being her husband, Javier Bardem.

She is the first Spanish actress ever to win an Academy Award, as well as the first Spanish actress to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. She is also fluent in 4 languages, English, Spanish, French and Italian. 

Acting Was Not Her First Passion – Dancing Was!

Before she started acting, Penelope studied the art of ballet for nine years. “All of [my toes] are twisted,” she told Time in 2000. “I used to bleed from dancing so much. I would peel my toenails off and throw them away because they were completely black from the pain. To look at them now and see they are like this—they have a lot of life for me.”

The actress mentioned that she is grateful for the discipline lessons she learned, as they helped her become a successful actress, “If I hadn’t had the discipline of all those years in the dance world, it would have been much, much tougher.” Penelope is a tough cookie with a soft shell and heart of gold!

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