Beijing Goes Into ‘Wartime Emergency Mode’ As Second Cluster Of COVID-19 Emerges From Another Market

beijing residents wearing coronavirus masks

Several regions in China’s capital city of Beijing have reportedly gone into “wartime emergency mode” after authorities noticed a second spike of coronavirus cases centered around another food market. A wet market in Wuhan has been largely blamed for being the major source of COVID-19’s initial spread, which has since infected over seven million people across the globe and claimed around 420,000 lives.

According to Business Insider, a man tested positive for the coronavirus after visiting the Xinfadi market in the southwestern district of Fentai earlier this June. The market is the largest source of meat and vegetables in Beijing.

Beijing officials accordingly tested 517 people working at the market. Of the 517 people, 45 tested positive. This means that around 9 percent of workers were infected, despite not displaying any symptoms.

In addition, environmental samples taken from the market and a chopping board used for salmon tested positive for certain strains of the virus.

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