Alleged White Supremacist Was Making ‘Mother Of Satan’ Bombs In His Apartment

Ben Morrow was manufacturing bombs in his apartment.

On March 5, Ben Morrow died from an explosion in his apartment kitchen in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The details of the explosion were sealed until just recently when it was revealed that Morrow had a “homemade explosives laboratory” inside his apartment.

It’s been revealed that Morrow was manufacturing “Mother of Satan” bombs inside his apartment. This type of bomb has been used by ISIS in the past, according to The Daily Beast. The ingredients for the bomb were found inside the apartment and apartment garage, including one gallon of acetone. Investigators found 13 jars of TATP, which are made by mixing easy-to-obtain ingredients, according to WISN 12 News. Morrow had only been living in the apartment for two months before he died from the explosion.

Authorities believe Morrow could have been working on manufacturing more explosives when he accidentally triggered the fatal explosion. The blast blew out windows and doors, collapsed the ceiling, and fractured an integral part of the roof, detailed TMJ4 News.

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