Walt Disney World Thief Steals Peter Pan’s Sails & Space Mountain Seats Worth $20,000

peter pan's flight at walt disney world

A thief has made off with about $ 20,000 worth of attraction parts stolen from a Walt Disney World warehouse, including sails from the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction and seats from Space Mountain, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

If there’s one thing fans of Walt Disney World (and other Disney parks) love, it’s taking home souvenirs. From branded clothes to Christmas ornaments to toys and kitchen gadgets and everything in between, ranging in price from a couple of bucks to well into the thousands, guests can’t get enough of it. There are even online forums, message boards, and YouTube channels devoted to the latest merchandise to hit the shelves.

The overwhelming majority of that merchandise is purchased legally, but for a handful of scofflaws who try (and usually fail) to employ the five-finger discount.

But in this particular case, the merchandise that’s leaving the Florida resort was neither paid for, nor was it ever for sale to begin with.

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