‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Kim Dickens Is Open To Madison’s Return

Kim Dickens stars as Madison Clark in AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead'

With the apparent demise of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, many fans were shocked that one of the main characters had been written out of the hit zombie apocalypse series. Even still, fans have since speculated that Madison could have actually survived this event which occurred in the Season 4 mid-season finale.

It has been previously confirmed by AMC that Madison is dead. However, her death, technically, occurred off-screen as she was shown within a stadium with a massive herd of the infected. With no dead body confirmed, many fans of Fear the Walking Dead have held on to the hope that the character could make a surprise return to the TV series.

It also appears to be something that the actress who played Madison would be open to as well. In a recent interview Kim Dickens did with MovieWeb, the star talked about the role of Madison. At first, she confirmed that Madison appeared to be dead.

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