Facebook Is Being Asked To Remove ‘Like’ Feature For Young Users

Facebook sign showing the 'like' icon

Facebook is being urged – along with other sites, such as Instagram – to remove the “like” feature on its site in a new proposed guideline designed to improve online safety for children. A report from The Guardian says that a new 16-point program is being considered which could see the social media site turn off the feature for young users, as well as adhere to other proposals, all of which is being put forward by the Information Commission’s Office (ICO).

Such recommendations also include limiting data collection and implementing higher privacy settings as default, which includes disabling geolocation – a tool that identifies where a particular device is in the world. The aim is to increase internet safety for children, but also to limit how long users under 18-years of age spend on social media by reducing “nudges” and other methods of keeping people engaged online.

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