Cardi B Calls Her Daughter A ‘Slice Of Heaven’

Cardi B attends the Swisher Sweets Awards honoring Cardi B with the 2019 'Spark Award' at The London West Hollywood

Last year, rapper Cardi B became a mom for the first time, and according to Music News, her daughter Kulture is her best friend.

They have reported that the “Be Careful” hitmaker spoke to E! about how much she loves and adores her newborn.

“She is so fun, she is cool, like, I love her… She’s, like, my little best friend. She just makes the gloomiest days like sunshine. I love it. It’s is a slice of heaven,” she expressed.

Cardi admits that she finds being a mother and a performer in the entertainment industry is hard to balance. She explains she wants the idea of getting a nanny every time to be canceled because she doesn’t want anyone else around her daughter.

“You cannot just travel with your baby all the time like they get sick,” she explains about traveling the world with Kulture.

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