Archaeologists in Bulgaria Discover An 8,000-Year-Old Figurine Of Mother Goddess At Prehistoric Settlement

An 8,000-year-old figurine of a veiled Mother Goddess has been found at a prehistoric site in Bulgaria.

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have made the remarkable discovery of an 8,000-year-old ceramic figurine of the veiled Mother Goddess close to a prehistoric settlement located in Mayor Uzunovo in the Vidin District, which is near the Danube River.

As Archaeology in Bulgaria report, this new find has the potential to substantially push back dating of the Neolithic Revolution in Europe, which is when hunter-gatherers eventually turned to farming and ended their previous nomadic ways of life. According to the lead researcher on the Mother Goddess figurine, this date should now extend back to the 7th millennium BC.

The prehistoric settlement in Mayor Uzunovo where the figurine was unearthed has only been investigated once before, which was back in 2013, and this was agreed to only stop treasure hunters from looting valuable artifacts at the site. However, at the start of October, archaeologists were finally able to properly explore the Bulgarian site after government funding was established to help begin the project.

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