Camille Kostek Flaunts Bikini Bod As She Says She’s Feeling Like A Mermaid

Camille wears a bikini.

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek, appears to be loving her jet-setting lifestyle. In a new Instagram photo, Camille can be seen perched on a rock surrounded by crystal blue waters. She’s wearing a brightly-patterned bikini with a tube top.

Camille also took to her Insta stories to reveal that she’s “Feeling like I’m in Mermaid Lagoon from Peter Pan in my new post.” And if you were to compare the mermaid picture to Camille’s pose in the Instagram photo, you can see why she said that. They’re both looking down, and sitting on the edge of a rock.

In the captions, Kostek talked about her love of her lifestyle.

“one day in a beanie, the next in a bikini [sic] thankful to live a life full of new places and new faces. I am already excited about the places I have yet to see and the people I am meant to meet.”

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