The Pentagon Grounds All F-35 Jets For Inspections Following September Crash

Lockheed-Martin F-35

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Lockheed-Martin F-35 crashed in South Carolina last month, and that has led to the grounding of the entire fleet of F-35s worldwide pending inspection of fuel tubes.

The F-35 Joint Program Office announced the grounding in a statement on Thursday, according to MilitaryTimes.

“The U.S. Services and international partners have temporarily suspended F-35 flight operations while the enterprise conducts a fleet-wide inspection of a fuel tube within the engine on all F-35 aircraft.”

Pentagon F-35 spokesman Joe DellaVedova stated separately that all F-35 aircraft on U.S. military bases worldwide will be inspected for faulty fuel tubes in the engines, per a story on CNBC. If the faulty part exists, it will be replaced, while aircraft that already have the known good part will be reinstated as flight worthy. The entire process is expected to take 24 to 48 hours.

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