Student Dies When Instructor Pushes Her Off Roof In Demonstration Of Safety Net

Indian Student Dies After Being Pushed

A 19 year old student in India died in an bizarre safety accident on July 12th. A trainer was teaching a safety lesson that involved her jumping off of a building onto a safety net held by other students below. When the student refused, the man pushed her. The drill was supposed to be for disaster preparedness instead just ended up an actual disaster.

Police in the city Coimbatore, where the event happened, have arrested the trainer named Arumugham and also registered a case against the college. Arumugham is charged with causing death due to negligence. Arumugham was an impersonator and not an actual instructor.

A senior government official explained to BBC, “The college didn’t apply for permission for any such training. This is against the law. Any school or college has to get prior permission from the government before conducting an exercise like this. Police are investigating the issue and the trainer has been arrested.” Police are also interrogating the principal of the school.

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