What Do Actual Scientists Think Of The Science In ‘Westworld’?

HBO's 'Westworld,' science, scientist, Bernard Lowe and a white droid, as seen in Season 2, Episode 4, titled 'The Riddle of the Sphinx'

HBO’s Westworld is a television series that really makes you think about life, reality, and the moral ethics of science. Set in the futuristic world where artificial intelligence (AI) is real and, for a fee, humans can live among it in themed parks are various as the Wild West of Westworld, to the Japanese culture of Shogun World.

Within these worlds, humans can do as they please with the AI hosts. From wild sexual debauchery, through to any sort of murder and slaughter imaginable, guests can live out their fantasies within a world where there are no consequences as a result of their actions. For the hosts in Westworld, while they are programmed to react accordingly during the situations inflicted on them by humans, at the end of the day, they are stitched up or put back together, and their memories are wiped so they are fresh, clean, and untainted for the next day.

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