These 5 Healthy Habits Could Add At Least 10 Years To Your Life, New Study Suggest


A new study that came out today in the journal Circulation pinpoints five healthy habits that can prolong people’s life expectancy by at least a decade. These five simple lifestyle changes revolve around common-sense factors and include kicking the smoking habit, sticking to a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, committing to regular exercise, and drinking only in moderation.

Although you may think you’ve heard it all before, the new study emphasizes that even a small change can go a long way and points out just how much this handful of realistic lifestyle goals can impact people’s longevity.

According to government statistics, 50-year-old Americans have a life expectancy of another 30 to 33 years, CBS News reports. However, the study revealed that adhering to these simple lifestyle changes can add another 14 years to women’s life and increase the male life expectancy by 12 years.

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