Chrissy Teigen Is Leaving Snapchat Because Of Its Insensitive ‘Slap Rihanna’ Ad

Chrissy Teigen attends GQ and Dior Homme private dinner in celebration of The 2017 GQ Men Of The Year Party at Chateau Marmont

Chrissy Teigen is known in some circles online as the queen of Twitter, but it doesn’t look as if the model and TV host has any plans to reign over Snapchat anytime soon. The mom-of-one tweeted that she was leaving Snapchat on Sunday, partly because of the company’s decision to make light of Rihanna’s past as a domestic abuse victim, reports Hello Giggles.

“I stopped using snap. The update, the constant complaints of people not being able to find me, plus the Rihanna poll…no bueno.”

Earlier this month, Snapchat drew the ire of many of Rihanna’s fans when it posted an ad for the game “Would You Rather.” The ad prompted users to choose between slapping Rihanna and punching Chris Brown. Given the former couple’s tumultuous history — Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna in 2009 — users were outraged over what Chris Brown’s lawyer called a “tone deaf” ad.

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