‘American Idol’ Contestant On Katy Perry’s Alleged Sexual Harassment: ‘I Am Not Complaining About The Kiss’

American Idol judge Katy Perry kissed a contestant

American Idol contestant Ben Isaac Glaze just had his first kiss on-screen thanks to Katy Perry. Following the incident, Glaze expressed how uncomfortable she felt which resulted in a backlash against Katy Perry whose action has been branded as an act of sexual harassment.

As reported by E! News, Perry was not the only person under attack because of the incident, American Idol, and the kiss she gave the 20-year-old singer became the subject of much controversy following Sunday’s episode.

American Idol’s Unwanted Kiss Made Headlines

With the #MeToo movement in full swing, a lot of people took to social media to share their thoughts. The New York Times article “An Unwanted Kiss on American Idol” also went viral in just a short span of time, especially because Glaze shared his thoughts about the kiss with Katy Perry.

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