Thomas Gibson Sees Eclipse In Charleston and Prepares For Harvey In San Antonio In The Same Week [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson prepared his San Antonio Home for Hurricane Harvey which made landfall Friday night, but on Monday Thomas witnessed the solar eclipse in Charleston. Gibson was one of the last to view the solar eclipse as it exited the United States via Charleston, SC. Thomas watched from Sulivan Island Beach.

Now, Harvey, a category 4 Hurricane seems headed for San Antonio since the storm struck the ground on beaches north of Corpus Christi Texas. The Texas coastal counties could see dangerous flooding from Harvey over the next few days, as Harvey pours down up to 30 inches of rain in addition to a 12-foot storm surge according to AccuWeather.

Imagine Thomas Gibson, a veteran actor formerly of Criminal Minds, Chicago Hope and numerous films, witnessing not one but two historical weather events in one week. Both Harvey and the solar eclipse are rare events.

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