Bill Cosby Retrial Delayed Until 2018 To Allow Star’s New Legal Team To Prepare Their Case

Bill Cosby retrial rescheduled for next year.

After years of build-up, the sexual assault criminal trial of formerly beloved comedian Bill Cosby ended in a mistrial on June 17. Immediately thereafter, prosecutors vowed that Cosby would face a retrial in an attempt to garner justice for Andrea Constand, the woman who claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby in 2004.

Shortly after prosecutors announced that the June mistrial would not be the end of Cosby’s legal woes, his defense team began to dissolve. As Vulture reports, just weeks after lead Bill Cosby defense attorney Brian McMonagle filed a request to quit the case, attorney Angela Agrusa followed his lead. The highly-publicized departures left Cosby without legal representation in his ongoing criminal sexual assault case.

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